Global Frontier Research Program

Korean Government Representative Research Program

  • Budget
    ~10 million USD/year
  • Period
    2013. 9 ~ 2022. 8
    (9 years)

Research Background

Research Objective

  • Development of H-GUARD system and world-class
  • platform technologies for the detection and monitoring of biohazardous
  • substances including new and mutant viruses, super bacteria, etc.

What is H-GUARD?

Real-time monitoring system of biohazardous substances
(virus, super bacteria, etc.) with sample collection, processing,
detection, and signal transfer modules

Core Research Projects

  • Development of 3D nano-micro hybrid structures which enable to detect biohazardous substances with increased speed and sensitivity
  • Development of integrated H-GUARD svystem which enables rapid field detection of biohazardous substances
  • Prediction of virus mutations and development of technologies for rapid detection/diagnosis of super bacteria

Global Network

Future Society with H-GUARD